Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Stoners

1. Lighter Bro

The LighterBro tool is a stoner’s best friend. It also a good size to fit into someone special’s stocking during the holidaze! The next time you need to trim your christmas mustache or repair your new glasses this thing has you covered. The next time you need to dice up a holiday ham or hold your Hanukkah money this thing has you covered. The next time you need to light a christmas joint this thing has GOT YOU COVERED. What else do you really need to do in life?

2. Fire Extinguisher Ligher

A fire extinguisher lighter should be in the home of every stoner. This little guy will also fit nicely in the stocking of your favorite smoker. The lighter is butane and refillable so unless you leave it somewhere when stoned it will last for almost ever. The lighter also has a LED light where the extinguishing stuff would normally come out. This LED light comes in handy when you are snooping around looking for the Christmas presents that mom and dad hid from you.

3. Nano Quad Copter

This super tiny remote control quadcopter makes for an epic holiday gift for stoners and anti-stoners alike. Many are the advantages when you get a hold of the hottest products out there. This extraordinary multi-rotor quadcopter will leave you satisfied wanting to spend more time flying it outside. The 2" x 2" Nano-sized Quad-copter comes with a full 4 channel 2.4 GHz digital radio transmitter and only requires two AAA batteries, it will definitely be quite a head-turner. Order yours and have some fun times outdoors. Makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Smokin' Dice Game

Weed and throwing dice? Sounds like a day in the ghetto but it is actually a really fun dice game! All you have to do is roll the 4 dice and then act out the result. It’s sort of like truth or dare but involves a lot more marijuana. But remember, it has to make sense to your buddies with whom you are playing. If not, then be ready for a game of dare that they pick for you. If the dice lands on a marijuana leaf symbol, you get to use the wildcard. This is a fun game to play with the family on Christmas Eve! Maybe skip stuffing the stocking and just whip these bad boys out the night before. 

5. Aluminum Cigarette One-Hitter

An amazing and compact aluminum smoking device for any type of natural herb, whether tobacco or marijuana. This little device is nearly indestructible and if you happen to drop the pipe, the contents will stay tightly packed inside. It is 3 inches in length and resembles a cigarette, which is very useful if there is something else inside instead of regular tobacco and it stops people from thinking otherwise.

6. Your Dealer's Pocket Scale

This scale isn’t any ordinary scale...This is your dealer’s pocket scale!! It’s a handy pocket scale with a 3-key simple-to-use system. The digital scale can weigh up to 1000 grams in 0.1 gram increments. Did you hear that?! 1000 grams!!! It comes with an included pouch for easier carrying and with a scale lid that can be used as a tray. A plate or something else will work just fine, but remember to count in the weight of the dish because it will measure only to 1000 grams with accuracy. Covered by a 10-year warranty, this scale uses 2 AAA batteries, which come included.

7. 420 Scope 60-100x LED Handheld Microscope

A microscope that looks like a rifle 420 scope is way sexier than the boring science-looking ones we remember from chemistry class. And this one magnifies your weed so you can really see what you’re smoking!!! The focusing mechanism is very simple and the LED light is bright and lights up the area that you wish to inspect thoroughly. It is handheld, which makes for a perfect portable herb inspection device. Batteries included. Unfortunately, marijuana is not.

8. Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Socks

These marijuana leaf socks are fun to wear, beautifully colored, fashionable and most importantly comfortable. These socks are made from high-quality cotton and we know that you will absolutely love them. Once you get the hold of these marijuana leaf ankle socks, you will soon be ordering more. Socks will never again be just something you have to put on. And what is Christmas if you don't get socks and underwear?

9. Eight Inch Assisted Open Tactical Marijuana Styled Pocket Knife

The 8 Inch Assisted Open Tactical Marijuana Styled Pocket Knife is a great tool to have when you only have one hand and need to cut some hemp line quickly. It also doubles as a rudimentary grinder, just put your weed on a cutting board and chop it up! The knife comes with a blade made of stainless steel and an attention-grabbing Marijuana design, giving you this cool look whenever you carry it around.​ This knife makes for a great stocking stuffer for all knife lovers out there!!

10. Raw Marijuana Cigarette Rolling Machine

What is Christmas without Marijuana Cigarettes? Do you try and try but just can't seem to get them to roll nicely. This machine would fit nicely in your favorite stoners stocking and you can use it every day of the year not just Christmas! You will not be able to tell if the final product of this machine was rolled by a robot, a master sushi chef or by yourself and a raw Marijuana Cigarette Rolling Machine. This rolling machine will pay dividends.