Top 10 Marijuana Themed Halloween Costumes

1. Rasta Mon Big Head Costume

This costume is a great piece of design. It is a great choice for a Halloween party, which is coming up soon, and after that, you can just leave it hanging waiting for those 420 festival parades all across the country. The Rasta Mon Big Head is 100% polyester and is hand washable. It comes with an oversized headpiece with a hat, a chest piece with a positive stereotype-looking Jamaican face and hair, and a tunic with a vest attached to it. The hat has a mesh opening allowing you to look and breathe. It is made by forum novelties, and they have been in the costume and novelty product industry for more than 30 years.

2. Sexy Marijuana Nurse Costume, Nurse Anita Reefer

Two most favorite things that cure people are medicinal marijuana and hot nurses. If you combine the two, the result will be the sexy marijuana nurse costume. It includes a white nurse’s dress with green details and cross symbols. It also has a nameplate that says Nurse Anita Reefer’, stocking topper bow pins, belt and a nurse hat. It is 100% polyester and only dry-cleaning is advised. This can be the perfect costume both for Halloween parties and the after parties if you want to make your man’s heart racing back again with this dream girl outfit.

3. Men's Marijuana Doctor Costume, Dr. Bud Smoker

This white lab coat comes with a twist. Once you wear it, you earn the prestigious title of being a doctor. And not just any doctor but Dr. Bud Smoker, the specialist whom all will want to visit. You don’t need an office or a clinic. All you need is this men’s marijuana doctor costume to solve all the medicinal prescription problems. If anyone asks you how you got it, well hey, doctor’s orders. It even has a cannabis dispensary logo on the back, so no one can confuse you for a regular doctor. You do handle only serious cases of immune system weed deficiency.

4. Wonderland Rasta Bikini Babe

The perfect bikini for a girl who's not afraid to show her wild side! You'll be ready for that awesome Halloween pool party with this vibrant and sexy bikini, and it is hand woven too! None of that mass produced foolishness for you. All natural, comfy and unique, it is easily adjustable, as one size fits all. You'll certainly stand out from the crowd in your awesome swimwear. So, prepare to get your Rasta on, and enjoy the most amazing pool party this Halloween in your new and improved Rave Wonderland bikini!

5. Weed Man

If smoking weed has never given you superpowers, this Weed Man costume definitely will. You may have dreamed of becoming Superman when you were little, but now that you have grown up you will love turning into Weed Man. This costume comes with a mask, cape, cuffs and the distinctive leaf emblem, which will all make you stand out and be prepared to become everyone’s favorite superhero after you put the magic costume on. The name Weed Man is no longer exclusive to those selling marijuana. For just $29.95 you can be the new Weed Man.

6. Weed the Marijuana Leaf Mask

A great gag mask choice for anyone who has to go to a party but doesn’t like to bother with the costumes. You just put on the mask and you are good to go. The good thing about it is that one size will fit almost everyone. So, you can lend it to your friends, or it can be passed around at parties like the leaf product that it represents. With the mask on your head and the joint sticking out of your mouth, you are as you can be for any costume party. Don’t get me wrong, the joint that sticks out is a part of the mask. I’m not making any suggestions here to be clear.

7. Ganja Mon Costume

Halloween is right around the corner, and this year, you want to dress up in something fun, crazy and exciting. You might want to support a cause that's important to you as well. So, the natural choice is the Ganja Mon Costume! It comes complete with matching ankle bands and a super awesome "Legalize" sign which you can wave around! All you need is a basic black suit and a pair of black shoes and your costume is ready to wear. If you want something unique and vibrant to dress up in this Halloween, than this Ganja Mon Costume is a right fit for you. Go green!

8. Crazy Pot Head Hat

If you are a person who enjoys puns and clever jokes, and also likes to be noticed whenever they go, you might want to consider this particular Halloween accessory. Crazy Pot Head Hat is a fresh, fun, and easy to wear choice for any Halloween party. No special preparation necessary, you can just put it on your head and turn into a walking pot(head) advertisement. It will most definitely get you noticed and elicit some punny jokes from your friends, no doubt. And not to mention you'll easily make your way through the crowd as everyone will be making space for your big head. It's a win-win!

9. Cannaboss Suit

People don't take you seriously enough because of you casual dress style? Don't fret! This Halloween, you can get across as an all around stylish, business-like gentleman. And for that, you'll need a suit, because suits inspire confidence and power. But, not to get to serious, you should get a fun print on your new suit. You will feel like a boss in this amazing Cannaboss Suit. Soon, you'll be walking around like you own the place in your new marijuana styled suit! You'll be mingling like a pro in no time, and one will resist your obvious charm!

10. Pot Head Visor

It's that time of the year again! Halloween, when the best and the craziest parties happen. And to be the life of the party, you must dress appropriately, or at least accessorize accordingly. With this fun Pot Head Visor, you'll be sure to get noticed. No one could miss you while sporing this fun and wacky visor adorned with green marijuana leaves. And there's no chance of your friends losing you in the crowd, as you'll be easily distinguishable from the rest of the party goers. Get ready to turn heads with your full head of green hair...or, in this case - leaves!