Mini Donut Factory

​Say bye bye Dunkin!

This Automatic Mini Donut Factory give you the ability to cook hot and delicious mini donuts in your own kitchen!

It is truly an amazing sight to see the donuts form beneath your eyes, cook, and slide down the donut slide of doom. The whole process takes ONLY 90 seconds!! Your friends and family will love it!

The donut factory is awesome for big parties and perfect for fundraisers. Just add the dough and the Mini Donut Factory does the rest of the job on its own!

Some awesome features included with the Mini Donut Factory:​

  • Makes up to 30 donuts per batch!
  • Perfect sized mini donuts!
  • Serves piping hot donuts in 90 seconds!
  • Donuts fly down the donut chute!
  • Awesome for parties!

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