Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – Hydroponic Grow Box

Calling all pot gardeners!!

​Read Carefully! - This is THE ONE you've been waiting for!!

​The new and improved Grandma's Secret Garden is the one and only hydroponic grow box you will need for the rest of your life!!

​With plenty of room for up to 9 plants to grow simultaneously, the Grandma's Secret Garden grow box grows full-sized, happy adult plants from start to finish, and pays for itself over and over and over again!!

​The box fits perfectly in almost any room in your home and can discretely fit in closets, bedrooms, and even home offices.

​With the Stone Timer Ona Lock Odor Terminator, all unwanted odors are quickly eliminated (personally tried and tested to be true!!)

​It comes with an air pump and a bubbler, DUAL powerful fans, a carbon filter, and protected intake and outtake area.

​Last but not least, Grandma's Secret Garden comes with lockable latches to keep all those pesky kids out of your grown-up grow box.

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