Chewbacca Back Pack

Let's face gets boring. Class is boring. Books are boring. Backpacks are boring.

But not anymore! Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, you (and your friends) will absolutely LOVE the Chewbacca Back Pack.

Remember the days of carrying around 10 books in highschool in your Jansport backback? Well guess what, you've now graduated to college where you only need 2 books at a time MAX, which fit perfectly in the Chewbacca backpack.

Be sure to rock this pack after class too!! It's a perfect place to store your weed when at parties. Not only will the ladies love it, but the cops will never ask to search your Chewbacca!

Be Careful!! - Wookies are a great responsibility. You will need to stay on top of styling Chewbacca's hair on a weekly basis. You can even give him a pair of little sunglasses for that true Luke Skywalker style!​

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