Banana Slicer

For centuries, man has been tring to come up with an ideal way to slice long yellow fruit. "Use a knife!", they say. parole officer will not allow me to possess knives.

99% of the time, I will just get too frustrated opening the long yellow fruit, I will just end up squishing it in my hands and throwing it against the wall in anger like a monkey.

But now, after I've been introduced to the Banana Slicer, I'm a happy man. I have been stress-free since and am no longer on parole.​

Fun for children and safer than a knife. Dishwasher safe.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Can this be used on Cucumbers?

I only speak Spanish. Will this work on Platanos?

Do I need a concealed slicer permit for carrying the unit in public?

The photo shows the slicer is curved to the left. My bananas curve to the right. Will this still work?

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