Badass Hipster Electric Skateboard

Holy Santa Clause Shit, Batman!!!

Did somebody say ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD?!?!?

‚ÄčImagine rolling into school on your brand new E-Go E-Board.... You totally could, because this thing has a battery charge that lasts up to 18 Miles!!!

This is why you need this skateboard TODAY!
  • ‚ÄčErgonomic Wireless Handheld Remote Control
  • Light Weight = ONLY 13.9 pounds
  • Designed in California... home of the longboard... so you know its legit
  • 1 Charge lasts you 18 miles... what more can you really ask for?!
  • Fun! If you can't have fun on this thing, you need to reconsider your life.
  • Climbs hill like a beast!!
  • Durable and comfortable

All in all, this thing is epic. Highly recommended for anybody aged 13 to 93.

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